WAY BACK MACHINE Spring 2016 IJFAB vol 9 no 1: articles on queerness and reproductive ethics, “boutique” ultrasound, homebirth, GMOs, feminist practices of bioethical pedagogy, feminist palliation

If you missed last Spring’s issue of our parent journal, International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, Spring of 2017 is a good time to jump in the Wayback Machine–before President Trump in the US and Brexit in the UK and the Colombian peace deal with FARC and any number of other global issues–and check out Spring of 2016. For ease of use, here’s the table of contents. 


  The Omnipotent Word of Medical Diagnosis and the Silence of Depression: An Argument for Kristeva’s Therapeutic Approach

pp. 1-26

What Does Queer Family Equality Have to Do with Reproductive Ethics?

pp. 27-67


Cyborg Bonding: 3D Fetal Ultrasound as a Technology of Communication and the Rise of “Boutique” Ultrasound

pp. 68-80

Building New Bioethical Practices through Feminist Pedagogies

pp. 81-103

A Paradox of Hope?: Toward a Feminist Approach to Palliation

pp. 104-120

The Placental Microbiome: A New Site for Policing Women’s Bodies

pp. 121-148

There Is No Place Like Home: Why Women Are Choosing Home Birth in the Era of “Homelike” Hospitals

pp. 149-165

“If We’re Happy to Eat It, Why Wouldn’t We Be Happy to Give It to Our Children?”: Articulating the Complexities Underlying Women’s Ethical Views on Genetically Modified Food

pp. 166-191

“Surrogacy Has Been One of the Most Rewarding Experiences in My Life”: A Content Analysis of Blogs by U.S. Commercial Gestational Surrogates

pp. 192-217


Borderline Personality Disorder, Discrimination, and Survivors of Chronic Childhood Trauma

pp. 218-245

Review Essay

Climate Justice: A Literary Review

pp. 246-262


Según pasan los años: La vejez como un momento de la vida by Susana E. Sommer (review)

pp. 263-266


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