TENTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE OF IJFAB is an embarassment of riches

Our parent journal, International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  Lo those many years ago in Spring of 2008, our first issue, Doing Feminist Bioethics, was published. In the second issue, Lyerly, Little, and Faden’s article on including pregnant women in research hit the mass media with a bang and still keeps popping up in the news as a useful tool for the general public, health care providers, and researchers.

This Spring, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of IJFAB, vol 10 no 1with an issue that kicks off with an editorial from Mary Rawlinson, who helmed the ship for many years, on the very concept of feminist bioethics.

Check out this screenshot of the essays in this issue, and the breadth of topics.

But as usual, the essays aren’t all you’ll find there.

To access any of these just go directly to the Table of Contents for the issue.

Happy first decade, IJFAB. Thanks for the embarassment of riches. Here’s to many more.

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