Angela Ballantyne
Senior Lecturer, Department of Primary Health Care & General Practice, University of Otago, Wellington

Robyn Bluhm
Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Old Dominion University

Amanda Booher
Assistant Professor of English, University of Akron

Kathryn Caras
Senior Managing Editor, IJFAB

Jeffrey Epstein
Visiting Assistant Professor, California State University, Fullerton

Anna Gotlib
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Brooklyn College

Karey A. Harwood
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Program in Women’s and Gender Studies, North Carolina State University

Tim R. Johnston
Manager of Education and Training, SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders), National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

Ula Klein
Assistant Professor of English, Texas A&M International University

Monique Lanoix
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Robyn Lee
Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology, Brock University

Ruth Macklin
Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

Laura Purdy
Professor Emerita of Philosophy, Wells College

Mary C. Rawlinson
Professor of Philosophy, Stony Brook University
Editor, IJFAB

Lynette Reid
Associate Professor, Department of Bioethics, Dalhousie University

Alison Reiheld
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Joy Schaefer
Doctoral student and Instructor, Department of Cultural Analysis & Theory, Stony Brook University

Rachel Tillman
Profesora de Cátedra, Philosophy Department, and Researcher, Social Work Department, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Patrick J. Welsh
Doctoral candidate, Department of Philosophy, Stony Brook University
Managing Editor and Blog Editor, IJFAB


Special Guest Contributors

Dan Callahan
President Emeritus of The Hastings Center

Ellen Feder
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, American University

Frances Kissling
Visiting Scholar at the Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

Eva Kittay
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Stony Brook University

Florencia Luna
Independent Researcher, FLACSO-CONICET, Argentina

Norah Martin
Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Portland

Wendy Rogers
Professor of Clinical Ethics, Department of Philosophy and Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University

Toby Schonfeld
Director, Program in Human Research Ethics, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

Jackie Leach Scully
Professor of Social Ethics and Bioethics and Co-Director, Policy, Ethics, and Life Sciences (PEALS) Research Centre, Newcastle University, UK

Margrit Shildrick
Professor of Gender and Knowledge Production, Linköping University, Sweden

Anita Silvers
Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University

Olivia Tena Guerrero
Professor, Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Humanidades, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

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