“You suffer. That is enough for me.”

Thanks to Gretchen Case for this image of the Pasteur Memorial at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.  It is a timely reminder as the context for global public health shifts, and many powerful nations (US, UK, France, and other European nations) that have been destinations of immigrants seeking freedom and better conditions begin to react against immigration. Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals across the world are likely to find themselves in the position of having to decide whether to turn away patients who are undocumented immigrants, or who are documented but cannot access the health system of the nation in which they reside. Do you think Pasteur had it right?

A bronze plaque bearing English text is surrounded by an ornate stone plinth. It reads “One doesn’t ask of one who suffers, what is your country and what is your religion? One merely says, you suffer. This is enough for me. You belong to me and I shall help you.” Below the text is the name Louis Pasteur.

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