“Why TrumpCare’s Medicaid Cuts are a Feminist Disability Rights Issue” by Leah Smith and Joseph Stramondo
Joseph Stramondo

Editor’s Note: Smith and Stramondo have co-authored for IJFAB Blog in the past, with the widely read “Musings on the Value of ‘Awareness’.” You can see a shared bio at the end of today’s blog article. Until this past Thursday, most … Continue reading

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Power, othering, and slurs in the clinic: undermining the capacity for care
Alison Reiheld

Over at the Feminist Midwife, we find a valuable post on WHY something that may seem prima facie wrong is, in fact, wrong.  In an entry called “Patients Are Not Bitches, and Thoughts Medical Othering,” Feminist Midwife considers a case … Continue reading

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Transitions in Law: What Struggles Over Policy Changes Affecting Transgender Persons Reveal

The State of California recently banned discrimination against transgender patients in the provision of health insurance.  It was only the third state to do so. Lack of access to health care is common for transgender persons.  Reasons include—but are not limited to—fear of encountering stigma, employment discrimination which limits access to health insurance, and insurance providers refusing to cover medically necessary care.


In the state of Missouri, 5% of transgender adults report that they were refused EMT care, 13% report that they were refused Emergency Room care, and 24% report that they were refused care in a doctor’s office.  The context of California’s policy change is thus one of serious health disparities for transgender patients and constitutes a step forward in public policy including transgender folks in our moral community and giving credence to their health care needs.

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