IJFAB discounted subscription rates

Hi, folks. I just got this in my e-mail and thought I’d share it more widely in case anyone is interested in the IJFAB subscription discount that University of Toronto Press is offering this summer. The full advert includes pictures of an ice cream cone and a beach. I  guess we can all imagine curling up on a chaise lounge on the beach with the soft sussuration of waves and an ice cream cone held perilously over the cover of the most recent copy of the International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics? Actually that sounds pretty good to me. For folks not in the same hemisphere as UT Press, where it is actively winter just now, perhaps imagine being bundled up in a parka and fingerless gloves with a mug of hot chocolate as both the drink and your breath produce steam while you read the most recent issue of IJFAB. 

UTP press has 25% off deals on a 2-year subscription

The link in the image is not clickable, but if you go to http://www.utpjournals.press/summer-savings you can see all the many journals that UTP publishes which are on sale right now including IJFAB.


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