Abandoned by their Religion? People of Faith Encountering Biomedicine

IJFABster Jackie Leach Scully writes the following on the Westminster Faith Debates Blog:

“Faith group members are just as likely as anyone else to suffer from infertility or debilitating genetic conditions, and to seek medical help. For those people whose religious identity is important to them, knowing about the relevant guidance of their own particular faith group will be important. But what happens if they can’t find that information? Or if their own ethical evaluation of what it’s right to do differs from their faith’s official position? The findings from our investigation of these questions may not make very comfortable reading for faith leaders.”

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Abandoned by their Religion? People of Faith Encountering Biomedicine — 1 Comment

  1. Allow me to add that the most recent issue of IJFAB, 7.1, addresses a similar issue in Karey Harwood’s response to H. Theixos and S.B. Jamil’s essay “The Bad Habit of Bearing Children,” which argues that Theixos and Jamil (in spite of their otherwise sound and provocative argument) does not take sufficiently seriously the genuine and legitimate depth of many people’s religious beliefs. You can find these pieces here: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.2979/intjfemappbio.7.issue-1. (But do be warned in advance that is is behind a paywall, unless you or your institution subscribe to the journal.)

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