What role do gender and sex play in the provision of health care?

The excellent Nursing Clio blog has an entry  by Ashley Baggett called “The Battle of the Sexes in Health Care.”  In the entry, Baggett critiques a NPR commentary on a recent scholarly article in The Lancet on gender and public health in a global context.  The issue of whether or not—and if so, the degree to which—there is gender-based discrimination in health research, public health programmes, and patient-provider relationships is a critical one.  The role that gender and sex may play in disease more generally is also one worth attending to, as Mary Ann G. Cutter did in her recent book The Ethics of Gender-Specific Disease (if interested, see my review in the Spring 2013 APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy).  It’s worth giving thought to any or all of these considerations of the role that gender and sex play in the provision of health care in any nation and globally.  And  then, to how much of a role they ought to play.

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